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Slot Games

A huge variety of slot games are available in the casino gaming zone. Some of the commonly found slot machines are as follows:

3-reel slot games: these are the classic slot machines, the first ever slot machine to be developed. But with time, there have been many modifications and varieties available in the 3-reel slot machine. 3- Reel name obviously due to the presence of 3 reels and a spinning button.

5-reel slot games: these are the in thing these days. 5-reel machines are the most commonly played slots. in the online casinos, the 5-reeled slots machines are the least to be found.

7-reel and 9-reel slot machines: these are slot machines that give out huge payouts but the odds are very high, say 1 in millions for a jackpot bet.

Progressive slot machines: these are typical machines in which the jackpot size grows with the gambling done by each player. In Progressive slots also, we can find a huge variety.

Bonus slots: they are majorly found in the online gaming. They give a higher chance of winning with the benefits like free hits. They are prominent in the 5-reel slot machines.

Video slots: the classic mechanical reels and spin button gives way to the graphical demonstration and in some cases also a 3-D effect in the video slots.

Besides these, some of the other slot games are the i-slots, monopoly slots, spooky slots, double diamond slots, wheels of fortune and many more. Keeping the basic slot mechanism constant, different casinos provide a pool of slot games.

Slot Machine Odds

Every slot machine is designed to pay out between 90 and 100%. As a result, every slot machine gives back money to the gamblers, to keep them attracted towards the slot machine. At the same time, the slot machine becomes profitable for the casinos. The slot machines use a Random Number Generator, which selects the number or a symbol on the display haphazardly.

Hence, the concept of ready to payout becomes just psychological to the minds of the gambler. The machine that has just given out a jackpot also has the same probabilities to hit a big payout as any other machine. The slot machine odds are also dependent on the virtual reel set by the computer corresponding to the real reel.

A slot machine odds of paying out a lower number is higher than that of paying out a jackpot. Any machine is set up to payout only one jackpot in the entire game, thus decreasing its probability of occurrence. With the variety in slot machines increasing, the task of finding out the odds becomes very complicated.

Every machine has a different payout percentage and the slot machine odds are calculated on the basis of the payout percentage. The higher the payout percentage the better is the chance of winning. The machines that have payout close to 100 yields the maximum benefit for the gambler. There occur some machines in the casino that are set to payout at a rate higher than even 100. Such machines cause higher attraction in the casino, making the place crowded and tempting, thus inviting other players.

Top Five Advantages of Gambling on the Internet

Most people enjoy online casino gambling here and there, whether it is to try their luck at the lottery or because they simply enjoy playing online casino games. Up until recently, most gambling was done in casino establishments in various places around the world. Las Vegas and Atlantic City, for instance, are two places where casinos and gambling are the norm. However, thanks to advancements in technology, people can now enjoy themselves with online casino gambling.

Here are some pros of betting online: o Players can choose from a wide selection of games. There are literally thousands of different games to choose from! Some are intended for high rollers while others are pretty cheap to play. Online Bingo games, for example, don't cost all that much money to play at all.

o There is room for everyone online. Players don't have to worry about the availability of their favourite Slot machines. Even the busiest online casinos have enough bandwidth to hold everyone. o Online casinos offer various incentives, including welcome bonuses, free chips, free game plays, Bingo cards, Slot spins and so forth. This is because competition is so fierce, that gambling websites are doing everything they can to vie for players' attention.

o Since many online casinos are all part of the same network or portal, they often go together in contributing to huge jackpots. Members of each website can all participate, and the more they wager, the more the jackpot grows!

o By playing and gambling online, online casino Australia users can save a lot of money. It's cheaper to gamble online than it is in real life, since no gas money is needed. If players get hungry, all they have to do is walk to their refrigerator! It's as simple as that.

Obviously, there are many advantages of online gambling. Still, some would rightfully argue that the online casinos lack the glamour, bright lights, glitz and thrills of the land based casinos. While no amount of technology can bring the wonders of traditional casinos to the web, it can still bring enough entertainment to keep everyone happy.

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Silver Oak Casino

Silver Oak Casino offers a free sign up bonus of $1,000 to its new players. It is an ideal gambling spot for players expecting a safe, secure, and fun online gaming industry. Silver Oak Casino is definitely worth the try.

Silver Oak Casino excels out from the various casinos online. The casino makes a remarkable difference by giving an amazing first impression and also lives up to the customer expectations. Silver Oak Casino provides a clean, delicate, and elegant outlook that creates the perfect mood for fun and entertainment gaming session. The casino uses simple navigational tools, organized web pages and helpful resources for their games. Silver Oak Casino is definitely a leader in the online gaming industry and offers the best gaming experience.

Silver Oak Casino offers their players over 130 online casino games such as Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Keno and Roulette. The casino also offers over 80 slot machine games giving the best payouts and luscious jackpots. All these games are presented with great graphics and sounds.

Royal Ace Casino

With the extended online casino game list, superb customer care service and instant gambling facility, the Royal Ace casino manage to create a great reputation in modern online gambling industry.

Royal Ace casino does offer almost every casino game available in the industry and has a very large number of available casino games. The Royal Ace casino members get the opportunity to access over 130 online casino games contents with pokers, blackjack, and video poker, crapsto, keno and roulette. Also they offer over 80 modern slots machine games including bonus three reel slots, three reel slots, and video slots and may other modern slot games. All of these games come with massive jackpots and amazing features. With the sharp and best graphic qualities & digital sound available in Royal Ace Casinos, the players can continue play without getting tired of these online games.

Planet 7 Casino

Do you excel and stand out as a victorious gambler? Let your hands try on the best and real time online casino that gives you Vegas experience now. Planet 7 Casino offers smart game play, where you'll find everything new and exclusive. With the primary objective to satisfy the customers, players are guaranteed to play interesting games.

Planet 7's electronic portal has assorted choice of entertainment options, where the player can download the software quickly and easily. Being framed with over 130 games, Planet 7 gives you the chance of playing blackjack, roulette, craps and more. Besides these you also get the opportunity to play the latest games including Tri Card Poker and more than 75 slot machine games. Stunning graphics, real live action, and the animation effects makes the website stand unique and as well grants absolute fun and thrills while gambling.